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Grace Capital City

As a congregant of Grace Capital City, I partnered with them to write a weekly devotional, email a weekly newsletter for my small group, and craft a landing page for new people in my small group.

Grace Notes

Weekly Devotional

At Grace, worship is one of our core values. We sought to carry out this virtue in every facet of our lives. While the Sunday sermon equipped churchgoers with practical ways to live their faith through the week, our daily rhythms can sometimes drown out the good word we received on Sunday. To help remind our congregants of the sermon, I wrote a midweek reflection on the message. To sample one devotional, click here.

*Note: the graphics for the devotional, were completed by a church staff member.

The Drift

Bible Study Weekly Newsletter

Family was another core value at Grace Capital City. We cultivated this value through weekly small groups, which we called house churches. As a house church leader, my job was to facilitate a weekly Bible study and small group gathering. To help keep our group updated on goings-on in our crew and the larger church, I created and sent out a weekly newsletter. To explore a sample, click here.

Who We Are

Bible Study Landing Page

As my house church grew, I wanted to create a landing page with information about our group. Newcomers could explore this page before ever coming to a gathering. Armed with this knowledge, they would be comfortable with potentially joining us. To check out this page, click here.