Left to Write
Bringing a creative left to a world that's all right.


Creative copy framed for your unique you.

Authentic copy true to your you.

Professional copy dedicated to your you.

My copy works for you.


Chris Carter

I love words.

When I was a kid, my left hand quickly grabbed a pen and found paper. Many ink-smeared pages later (the occupational hazard of being left-handed), I would scurry to show off my newly-minted tale. I love words because they tell stories.

As I grew up, my pen became more skilled at pouring out my thoughts. In these moments I began to see and appreciate myself as a person. I love words because they can be great tools for authenticity.

When I moved to London for graduate school, I spent countless hours on the metro, affectionally called the tubes by Londoners. With the down time of commuting, I entertained myself by looking at the ads lining the tube’s walls. I was endlessly fascinated by the way the pictures interacted with the text to convey a message. I love words because they run with creative force. 

In recent years, I’ve come to realize the potency of creative and authentic words paired with a compelling story. This is the essence of strong copy. With my creative, left-handed approach to life, I bring a refreshing voice to a world that’s almost all right. This is why I love words.





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