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1736 Coffee Company

Coffee is about people and the community it gathers around a fresh cup. Conversations rise like the steam from a freshly brewed pot. 1736 strives to cultivate a space where ethically sourced specialty coffee can craft meaningful dialogue. I partnered with these bean-believers to create landing pages, blog posts, and a weekly email newsletter.

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Crafting a Conversation

Blog Post

As the main blog contributor for 1736 coffee company, I provided weekly long-form content. The excerpt below, “Crafting a Conversation”, comes from my inaugural offering to the company.

Coffee is a firmly established part of many morning routines. First discovered by an Ethiopian shepherd over a millennium and a half ago, this caffeinated delight has migrated to nearly every corner of the globe. 

The coffee bean first made its way to Puerto Rico’s fertile fields in the year 1736. Taking its name from this pivotal moment, 1736 Coffee Company strives to provide a vital link in the process of bringing the beans from small artisan farmers on this island community to every coffee cup. Our goal is to start a conversation between growers and buyers. 

To open this dialogue, we start with a story. This tale begins with triumph, only to be followed by a sudden decrescendo into tragedy. From the silence of aftermath, however, notes of new life are slowly sounding a symphony of revived hope. 

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Bean to Brew Preorder Sale

Landing Page

As the company’s first products arrived, we wanted to offer our customers an easy and intuitive way to preorder. To this end, I created a landing page they could access from email, social media, or our website. To explore this page, click here.

Their Beans. Your Brew. Our Story

Landing Page

At 1736, we believed that coffee was about community. To us, coffee buyers were more than customers; they were family. We wanted to embrace a way to keep our community updated, so I jumpstarted a weekly newsletter, “The Weekly Cup”. To help our family subscribe, I created a landing page where followers could quickly sign up. To explore this page, click here.